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This is our pick for the top rated phone


What is the difference between a locked and a unlocked mobile phone?

A locked mobile phone means that one has to buy a contract with a phone company for 12 to 24 months at a fixed rate. A unlocked mobile phone means that one can use any service they choose and there for save money on the service but pay more for the phone. Also locked phone don't work when your traveling due to things like the service provider not being in that region. A unlocked phone allows one the freedom to buy pre paid phone cards from the local venders.


Whats the difference between a jailbroken phone and unlocked phone?

A jailbroken phone means that a user is able to change things about the phone like the look of the buttons or the sounds that you hear when you click a button. put it this way if your phone is unlocked it will change the price of service but if your phone is jailbrocken you wont make or save money.


What are the different types of mobile phone operating systems?

Some of the most well known mobile phone operating systems are Apple's iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, Googles Android and Noki's Symbian,. Most mobile phone operating systems are proprietary while others are open-source.

Apple's iOS is found on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is the world's most advanced mobile opperating system. It is a proprietary closed-source opperating system, Apple controls the software making it more stable then a open source system. Apple's iOS has a simply massive selection of apps for everything and its interface is far more funtional and thought out than it's competitors.

Windows Mobile, aka Windows Phone, is a mobile phone version of Microsoft's main operating system. Because of this, it is easily compatible with many Windows programs such as Microsoft Office, making it top rated phone's choice for business people that use Microsoft Windows PC's.

The Android is based off of the Linux operating system. Originally developed by an independent organization, it was later acquired by Google, although the OS itself remains free and open source. Android is praised by many for his flexibility as a platform. Anyone can develop apps for the OS.

Symbian is primarily used on Nokia phones, phones by Sharp, Fujitsu, Sony and some other companies have there own operating system installed as well. Symbian is open source, meaning anyone can use it without having to pay. It is widely used, but it is not the most advanced or full-featured of mobile phone operating systems. Most phones that use Symbian are low-end devices, not full-featured smart phones. Many manufacturers, including Nokia, who had long been the biggest supporter of the OS, have switched over to other own operating systems.

One of the most well-known operating systems for mobile phones is the BlackBerry OS. It is the only one of the mobile phone operating systems to be found on BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry OS is tailor-made for business, with functionality taking a seat over personality or appearance. Its main focus is on messaging, email and other communication features. Media players, and other entrainment-based applications are less-common for the device.

These are just some of the mobile phone operating systems currently in use. Palm's webOS, bada from Samsung, and Noki's Maemo are just some of the operating systems that are used on smartphones around the world.

Here are some of the cool music theory apps that make this phone my the top rated phone

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